GreenWise Gardening: Resources


Links to useful articles, guides, companies, databases, communities and blogs.


Companion Planting

Companion Planting Chart.

Common Sense Gardening

Common Sense Gardening: 80+ blog posts.

Herb Gardening

Herb Gardening Info.


Poisonous Plants

A handy infographic on poison ivy, sumac and oak.

USDA Zones

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map.


My guide to creating terrariums.


Lettuce Seeds

Renee’s Garden:
a favorite seed company.

Daves Garden

Dave’s Garden:
community, database, etc.

Weed ID

I don’t advocate using chemicals on gardens,
but Preen's Weed ID guide is useful.


Grow It

GrowIt! App:
community of gardeners, plant database.


Hyperbrain lifestyle magazine/blog:
permaculture and gardening articles.


Gardener’s Supply Co:
products, lots of info on plants, etc.


Organic for Green Livings

Organic For Green Livings:
blog articles & resources for making healthy choices.

Grow Guides

Grow Guides:
How to Grow Corn, Roses, Vegetable Gardens, Fruit Trees, etc.

Audubon Search

Audubon Society Plant Search:
container gardening with native plants can benefit local birds.


Backyard Portal

Backyard Portal:
small community site with articles and forums.

Garden Collage

Garden Collage magazine:
green design, environment, travel, natural remedies.

Gardening Limited

Gardening Limited:
blog on gardening with limited budget and space. Sounds familiar! ;)


This is just a start; I’ll keep adding to the collection here as I find more to share.


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